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Pirogovskaya (Пироговская) Street and Dr. Pirogov Monument

Pirogovskaya Street (Пироговская)
Named after the famous Russian surgeon Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov.

Memorial Plaque
South side of Pirogovskaya (Пироговская)

The street and the alleyway are named in honor of the great Russian scientist, surgeon, founder of the field surgery and renowned progressive public figure Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov,
who worked in
Odessa from 1856 to 1858.

S O (Russian) , page 142 photo of Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov


Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov (1810-81)
Pirogov is the most famous figure in the history of Russian medicine.

Pirogov's first famous contribution to medicine was as professor of the Medico-Surgical academy of St. Petersburg. Pirogov paved the way in Russia for the scientific use of anesthesia.

At that time anesthesia was unknown for surgery and as a result even minor operations caused patients immeasurable suffering, and even death. Then in 1840 ether was first used in an operation carried out in Boston, USA. Pirogov made many experiments with animals and tested the effect of the ether on himself and on his associates before using it as an anaesthetic in the clinic. It was only after he was convinced that ether anesthesia was absolutely harmless that he began to use it on a wide scale in his operations. Later Pirogov tested and began using another anaesthetic - chloroform. Pirogov was the first surgeon to make a wide of anesthesia in field hospitals. (Caucasus in 1847)

Even before the discovery made by Louis Paster, Pirogov had correctly defined the cause of inflammation and pus formation after an operation. To prevent wound infection Pirogov used substances which are still in use today by surgeons.

Pirogov was the first doctor in Russia to use nurses to care for sick and wounded in the field.

This outstanding surgeon and scientist was also a prominent public figure. He devoted much of his time to the training and education. His ideals and his active methods of teaching were widely appreciated and adopted in Russia and other countries and profoundly influenced the development of the system of medical public education.

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While living in Odessa, Pigorov resided at Deribasovskaya 31 (Дерибасовская) and first suggested the formation of Odessa State University.