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Olimpiyets Sport Palace & Statue of Lenin reading to two children


Olimpiyets Sport Palace (Олимпиец)
Shevchenko Avenue 31
(Шевченко проспект)

This large sports palace (3,600 square meters / 12,960 square feet) today hosts many of Russia and Ukraine's largest rock names for large concerts.

In the park to the north of the sports palace are several beautiful stone sculptures.


Statue of Lenin reading to two children on his lap
(South of Olimpiyets Sport Palace and just north of 10th of April Square (10 Апреля Площадь))

In the courtyard of the Odessa sanatorium for children is a statue of Lenin reading to two children on his lap.

I believe that the above Lenin statue is the same statue, dramatically modified.

From www.rybak-et-al.net/odessa.htm

"A boy in this photo is me in 1955. On the background you can see a sculpture of Lenin and Stalin sitting on the bench and talking to each other. For many years this sculpture was in Odessa in the Sobor Square whose name originates from a beautiful church (sobor) which had been destroyed earlier by the followers of Lenin and Stalin. It is interesting, that in 1956, right on the next morning after The Twentieth Congress of The Communist Party (which convicted Stalin), Stalin disappeared from the sculpture. It looked like he offended with the Party and left without answering the last Lenin's question. Lenin was left alone and was waiting for Stalin's answer for about ten years until the whole sculpture disappeared from the Sobor Square."


Ugly modern fountain behind Lenin Statue