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Pobedeh Park (Парк Победы)

Pobedeh Park (Парк Победы)
Formerly a large wasteland cut by a deep gully, this huge park stretches along the west side of Shevchenko Avenue (Шевченко проспект). It was once named Lenin Park, and was opened on April 22nd, 1960, the ninetieth anniversary of Lenin's birth.

More than five hundred different species of trees and shrubs have been planted here. At the lowest spot of the park is a large artificial dry pond with fountains and bridges.

Parallel to the Shevchenko Avenue (Шевченко проспект) is Friendship Alley, Drujby Alle-ya (дружбу аллея). During the Soviet Union, trees were planted by representatives from other hero cities, Kiev, Leningrad, Moscow, and Sevastopol. (Click here for more on Odessa the Hero City) Trees were also planted by representatives of Odessa's twin-towns: Marseilles, Varna, Segled, Yokohama, Vancouver and Genoa. Cosmonauts Valery Bykovsky and Greorgy Shonin also planted trees here.

Ivy on lampposts of Shevchenko Blvd (Шевченко проспект)
in front of Pobedeh Park

Salum Sanatorium Monument (Салюм)
Pi-onerskaya street (Пионерская)
(Street just east of 10th of
April Square (10 Апреля Площадь))

Continue your virtul tour by walking to the
10th of April Square
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