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Taras Shevchenko monument

Shevchenko Park (Парк Шевченко)
Shevchenko Park was built in 1875. During the Civil War many of the trees were destroyed. After World War Two the park was enlarged to its present size of 94 hectares.

Next to the stadium is an open-air theater.

Taras Shevchenko monument
Shevchenko Park (Парк Шевченко)

This monument was unveiled in 1966 at the entrance of Shevchenko Park. The statue stands on a granite pedestal.

The inscription is from Shevchenko's poem "The Testament". The beginning of the poem reads:

When I shall die, pray let my bones
High on a mound remain
Amid the steppeland's vast expanse
In my belov'd Ukraine;
That I may gaze on mighty fields,
On Dnieper and his shore,
And echoed by his craggy banks
May hear the great One roar!

In 1846 Shevchenko moved to Kiev and became a member of the Brotherhood of St. Cyril and St Mephodins, founded in 1845. Its aims were to achieve a free Ukraine; to have the autocracy overthrown and serfdom abolished. It only had 12 members and in 1847 was closed by the authorities. Shevchenko was exiled as a result of being a member of this group. In 1861 he was buried in Kiev, as he had wished.