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Black Sea Stadium

Black Sea Stadium, Ch.M.P (Чорноморец Стадион, ЧМП)
Shevchenko Park (Парк Шевченко)
Tel: 25-15-09

This stadium was built in 1936 and can seat 50,000.

The north and west side stands are built on earth mounds that once formed part of the Suvorov fortress. Every year the Humor day parade, that runs along Deribasovskaya (Дерибасовская), ends up here and a huge celebration takes place.

At the main entrance, on the right side, is a plaque that reads:

Ministry of marine transportation
Central Stadium of the Black Sea Shipping Company
was built in 1936-1938 according to the design of the architects
N.M.Kanevsky and R.A. Barinskaya.
Restored in 1945-47 according to the design
by the architects N.Kanevsky, R.Barinskaya,
R.Lisenko and L.Pavlovskaya
Reconstructed in
1967-68 according to the design
of the Designing Institute "ChernomorNIIproject".
Architects V.K.Golovin, S.G.Khodykina,
engineers V.N.Gergaya, K.F.Dzerzhko, O.V.Pavlovsky

This small figurine is just north of the stadium,
next to a light green building that was once a billiard hall.

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