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Sights around Shevchenko Park (Парк Шевченко)
Memorial plaques and bust
Marazlievskaya 1 (Маразлиевская)
(At the northern entrance of Shevchenko Park, corner of Nahimova (Нахимова переулок))

There is a memorial plaque on this building, which reads:

In this building Russian writer
Oleksandr Ivanovich Kuprin lived in 1910-1911

Close to this memorial is Kupin's bust:


Building of architectural distinction
Sabansky street 2 (Сабанский переулок)
Building across the street from Shevchenko monument, corner of Marazlievskaya (Маразлиевская)

Courtyard in Marazlievskaya 24

A Caryatid is a supporting column sculpted in the form of a draped female figure on the building Marazlievskaya 38 (Маразлиевская)

Memorial plaque
Sabansky street 1 (Сабанский переулок)
Building across the street from Shevchenko monument, corner of Marazlievskaya (Маразлиевская))

Honoured Artist of Ukraine
Grigory Zinovyevich Kryzhevsky
lived in this building from 1956 to 1965

Marazlievskaya 14

Building of architectural distinction
Marazlievskaya 14 (Маразлиевская)

This is a five-story build made of white stone. It has circular balconies and sculptural figures in the alcoves.

Technical Fleet College / Odessa Maritime College
Marazlievskaya 40/42 (Маразлиевская)

The memorial plaque on the front of the building reads:

At this location the fascist military commander's
and the general's office was stationed here.
On October 22, 1941, it
was blown up by Russian patriots.

The entry of this college has four famous mariners and a seascape of Odessa. In the center of this entryway is a prominently shown Ukrainian flag. A person senses that ten years ago the Red Soviet flag was also prominently displayed here in the same location.

Memorial plaque
Marazlievskaya 48 (Маразлиевская)

In this building writer Aleksandr Batrov
lived from 1978 to 1990.
/1906 - 1990/

Memorial plaque
Bazarnaya 8A (Базарная)

In July 1926, during his visit to the USSR,
the prominent figure in Bulgarian International Communist
and Workers Movement Georgy Dimitrov stayed in the location.