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More sights around Shevchenko Park (Парк Шевченко)

Archangel Michael Nunnery
(Свято-Архангело-Михайловский женский монастырь)

Uspenskaya 4 (Успенская)

This nunnery was seized by the soviets. After Ukrainian independence it was returned to the Orthodox Church. Today the nunnery is being extensive remodeled and expanded.

Memorial plaque
Uspenskaya 9 (Успенская)
Western side (towards nunnery):

In this building outstanding scientist, viticulturist,
Academician Sergey Alexeyevich Melnik
lived and worked here from 1944 to 1966.

Eastern side (towards nearby entrance of Shevchenko park (Парк Шевченко)):

In this building Doctor of History,
Professor Konstantin Pavlovich Dobrolyubsky
lived from 1944 to 1953.

The Ministry of International Affairs of Ukraine
Belniskovo 1 (Белинского)
This red three-story building borders Shevchenko Park (Парк Шевченко). The plaque on the facade reads:

In this building from 1938 to 1941
Odessa Special Artillery School ? 16 was located.

To graduates and cadets of
Odessa Special Artillery School No 16 who demonstrated
courage and heroism in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945

Typical sign seen throughout Odessa
Belniskovo 2 (Белинского)

Ukraine Ministry of Health
Odessa Regional Eye-problems
Hospital for the disabled veterans
of the Great Patriotic War


Bazarnaya Greek Orthodox Church (Храм "Всех Скорбящих Радость")
Bazarnaya 2a (Базарная)
Corner of Belniskovo (Белинского)


Memorial plaque
Bazarnaya 4 (Базарная)

In this house prominent Russian,
Soviet writer Valentin Petrovich
Katayev was born and lived

In this house prominent Russian Soviet writer
Yevgeny Petrov (Yevgeny Petrovich Katayev) was born 1902-1942

(for more on Yevgeny Petrov, click here)

Memorial plaque
Bazarnaya 10 (Базарная)

In this building prominent Jewish historian,
publicist and public figure
Semen (Shimon) Markovich Dubnov (1860-1941)
lived from 1891 to 1901

Memorial plaque
Bazarnaya 13 (Базарная)
Dilapidated memorial plaque:

Designed and constructed in 1897-1898
by the military engineer I.A. Krestinsky

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