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During the Soviet Union, Odessa Sanitoriums served tens of thousands of people from
across the country. Many sanitoriums were originally set up as medical facilites. Some
of the sanitoriums listed below still have mineral baths, mud applications, etc. available
to their clients. Sanitorums are usually cheaper than hotels but have much more limited

Sanitorium offices tend to only be open normal business hours to accept clients.

We called every sanitrium (over 20) near the center. Many Odessa sanitoriums are
only for children's camps, war veterans, pensioners, or other select groups. Only the
following sanitoriums below told us they would accept foreigners.

Sanatorium name
Guide pick
Location in the city
Sanatorium name (Russian) Sanatorium address Sanatorium address (Russian) telephone fax email web page price minimum price maximum
Number of rooms credit card swimming pool restaurant air conditioner TV in most rooms bar lift parking health and fitness facilities business facilities non smoking room hot water bathtubs in all rooms sauna massage service beauty salon night club refrigerator in room billiards bowling soviet service 1 to 10, 10 being the worst English level
Baza Moryakov (Seaman's base) Arcadia база Моряков Pionerskaya 30 Пионерская 30 63-94-36
$10 single $15 double +20% more in summer $20 luxury +20% more in summer
This sanatorium is located in a beautiful park. To get to the sanatorium, walk through the gates, past the statue of the soviet woman with a basket of fruit held over her head, and walk to the back of the facility, on the right. The sanatorium is a huge old concrete mammoth. The bathrooms are older and need remodeling, with no shower stalls. All of the furniture is old. There is a balcony in all of the rooms.
266 rooms no no no no Television in luxury Yes Yes Yes Yes no no Yes No, shower in all rooms                 0
Chkolova __ North of Arcadia South of Center Чкалова Frantsuzsky Blvd. 85 Французский Бульвар 85 25-93-63 no __ __                                                    
Delfin Camping __ Northen Odessa дельфин кемпинг Nikolaevskaya Doroga 307
Николаевская дорога 307
55-50-52 55-50-58 55-22-23 camping@rambler.ru www.delfin.odessa.ua Tent  

Marshutkas (minvans) 120 and 190 from the trainstation (at Panteleimonovskaya 64-66 (Пантелеймоновская)

Marshutkas (minvans) 170 and 230 from Grecheskaya Ploshat (Square)
(Греческая Площадь)
Just south of Deribasovskaya (Дерибасовская)

Ko-op-erator __ Trolley stop 12 Fontanskaya Doroga (Фонтанская дорога) кооператор Garshina 3 Гаршина переулок 3 63-02-40 60-66-81 no __ __
70 Hr 1 room, 1 person includes meals 135 Hr 3 bed room includes meals
Lux 250 Hr This sanitorium has a striptease. Rooms are simple but clean.       cafe   Yes Yes   Yes Yes     Hot water only in lux   Yes       Yes        
Magnolia __ North of Arcadia South of Center Магнолия Frantsuzsky Blvd. 63/65 Французский Бульвар 63/65 63-65-21 63-62-45 no __ __
Only Lux and 1/2 lux available to foreigners
220 Hr 1/2 Lux 2 places (same price for one)
550 Lux 2 places (same price for one)
If pay for 12 days can use medical treatment for free
This sanitorium is a sprawling 10 building complex. Price of room includes three meals a day. The most unique feature of this sanitroium is a bulding which has a one strory lift to a basement. A long walkway leads to the sea. The walkway is always cold, even in the summer. The entire distance of the tunnel is lined with murals. There are also five to six wodden figurines hiding near the entrance. In the winter and autumn a pool with mineral water is available. If a guest pays for 12 days or more, the pool is free of charge, otherwise the cost is 10 Hr/ hour     Yes   only lux Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes     Yes 1/2 lux shower lux bathtub 10 Hr / 1hour for non- guests       Yes       0
Merneigh __ Trolley stop 9 Fontanskaya Doroga (Фонтанская дорога) Мирный Fontanskaya Doroga 71 Фонтанская дорога 71 68-30-18 63-16-33 63-16-33 __ __
Winter 30 Hr
May 40 Hr
June 45 Hr
July 50 Hr
1/2 Lux 150 Hr Lux 250 Hr The Lux and 1/2 Lux have seperate bathrooms, all other rooms have toilets and showers inside of bedroom
There are no medical facilities.
80                       Hot water varies with time, special time for each room                    
Rossiya (Russia) __ North of Arcadia South of Center Россия Frantsuzsky Blvd. 60
Французский Бульвар 60
63-52-31 65-80-71 sanatorium@hotmail.ru __
1,500 Hr 1 person 24 days 100 Hr less in winter
300 Hr 1 day1 person This sanitorium was built along the sea in 1912. The price of the room includes meal 3 times a day and medical treatment. There is also basketball, soccer, and volleyball available.                         Only in evening and morning
300 Hr expensive rooms always have hot water
__ North of Arcadia
South of Center
украинский Frantsuzsky Blvd. 54 Французский Бульвар 54 68-01-79
director yulia olekseyevnia
63-76-75 __ __
30 Hr one person
(2 bed room)
    200 rooms   Yes 2 cafes         parking near hotel yunust       Hot water only in summer Only shower in all rooms Yes