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Paint Ball, Bowling, Go-Carts, Scuba diving, water-skiing, Odessa has a wide variety of unusual sport activities. The problem is that the cost of all of these activities tends to be incredibly expensive.

Billiards See Mexico under bowling

Bungy Jumping

Hot Air Balloons
Ice Skating
Paint Balling

Scuba Diving
Skateboard Park
Sky Diving
Swimming Pool
Table Tennis
Water Ski Rental
Water Park and Water Slides
Video Arcade/ Video Games
Yacht Rental / Charter Club

Bowling (боулинг)
Yo (Ё)
Polsky 15 (Польский спуск)
Also the Yo dance club
Tel: 37-14-14

Various prices from 59 Hr per hour (from 10 am -3pm Monday to Friday) up to 179 Hr per hour (Saturday and Sunday 3 pm to 2 am)

Mexico (Мехико)
Akademeka Glushko Ave. 16 (Академика Глушко проспект )
Tel: 746-25-39 (bowling)
746-28-49 (billiards)
746-27-09 (restaurant)

11 am - 6 pm 54 Hr an hour
6 pm - 4 am 108 Hr hour

From 6 pm - 6:30 pm technical break

Billards in Russian

5 American Billiard tables (5 Hr a game) and 4 Russian Billiard tables (30 Hr an hour), also has restaurant

Bungy Jumping
Banzjo Katapult (Банжо Катапулт)
Entrance of Arcadia Beach, to the right.
(In front of the Arcadia beach sign)

50 Hr One jump
100 Hr Three jumps

There is no set time when this or anther firm will set up its bungy cord. In the past two years it has been in the late summer. The employee we talked to refused to give use any business telephone number.

From Odecca.com


Just inside of Shevchenko Park (Парк Шевченко) Southern entrance
Corner of Uspenskaya (Успенская) and Belinskogo (Белинского)
Tel: 728-7295

12 pm - 11 pm

10 minutes costs an incredibly expensive 40 Hr

Hot Air Balloons
Frog Klub (Фрог Клуб)
Tel: 8-067-562-62-50
8-067-512-98-46 mobile

The majority of hot air balloon rides is for business ventures.

Ice Skating (конек)
Akademeka Filatova 29a (Академика Филатова)
Trolley bus 10, 8 and Marshutka 9
Get off at Kosmonavtov 14 (Космонавтов), next to the pay phone, walk along the small side street until you reach a green fence, through the fence and the first building on the left.
Tel: 65-31-47

Open: October-May

Purchasing skates is chaotic and disorganized. Call for skating times and arrive very early to wait in long lines for skates. More expensive skates, with shorter lines can be purchased in a different location. The ice in the late afternoon tends to be uneven. In the summer of 2002 the building was extensively remodeled.

Paint Balling
Shevchenko Park (Парк Шевченко)
Across the street from 40/42 Marazlievskaya (Маразлиевская)
Tel: 728-65-78
Director: Maxim

Parachuting, see sky diving

Scuba Diving (скуба)

Zatonuvshnye Suda (Sunken Ship Затонувшие Суда)
Cedir (NAUI)
Lanzheronovskaya 24a (Ланжероновская)
Tel: 735-25-05
email: svc@ukr.net
Poseidon (Посейдон)
Primorskaya 6 (Приморская) Passenger Seaport (Морской вокзал)

Tel: 729-3944
Fax: 729-3929
email: diveclub@port.odessa.ua

NAUI program/ Russian only
$250 for training

School: Kusto (Кусто)
Dive Center: Flipper
Primorskaya 6 (Приморская) Passenger Seaport (Морской вокзал)
Tel: 24-90-92 (school office)
26-92-77 (director)
22-93-81 (instruction federation)
729-40-23 (diving store Calypso [Калипсо])

CMAS system
Alexander Shatsky-English instructor
Tel: 68-55-16 (Home)

Email: flipper@paco.net

Also see Frog Klub (Фрог Клуб) under hot air balloons, also do scuba diving.

Skateboard Park
Xtreme Skateboard Park, South East side of the Shevchenko Park (Парк Шевченко), Central Stadium, Ch.M.P (Центральный Стадион, ЧМП)

Sky Diving
See Frog Klub (Фрог Клуб) under hot air balloons.

Swimming Pool
Fontanskaya Doroga 74 (Фонтанская дорога) 
Tel: 37-79-74

Table Tennis
(настольный теннис, пинг-понг)

Akademeka Glushko Ave. 22 (Академика Глушко проспект )
(Next to Mexico Bowling Alley and billiards)
Tel. 746-10-15

Velyamsa 66a (Вильямса)
Tel: 746-36-14

Saturday to Sunday 12 pm - 12 am
Monday to Friday 2 pm - 12 am

1 on 1 10 Hr one hour
2 on 2 12 Hr one hour

Tennis (Теннис)
Odessa Tennis Academy
(Odesskaya Akedemiya Tennisa/Одесская Академия Тенниса)

Tel: 34-68-21
Shevchenko Park (Парк Шевченко)
Down the street from the Alley of Glory (Aleya Slavy/Алея Сдави). At the base of a huge white apartment complex with red trim.

Seven Tennis Courts
Outdoor Pool

Olempets (Олемпец)
Tel: 63-47-84

7 am - 11 pm

3 tennis courts, across the street from Pobeda Park.

Water Ski Rental
In the Southern city of Karolina Bugoz
(south of Odessa)
(Marshutkas daily from the west side of the train station)
Prokat Skooterov (Прокат Скутеров)
Melnitskaya 11 (Мельницкая) apartment 1, Odessa (private home)
Igor, director
tel: 8-050-52-53-671 (mobile)
8-050-59-80-324 (mobile)

$80 hour. or 8 Hyrvnia a minute

Water Park and Water Slides
Poseidon (Посейдон)
Chabanka (Чабанка) Resort , Near the city of Yujny (Южныи), North of Odessa
tel: 59-12-00

Open from 10 am - 10 pm

25 Hyrvna per hour on the weekdays.
50 Hyrvna for three hours on the weekends.

2 pools

From Privoz bazaar, Vodoprovodnaya Street (Водопроводная)
Continuation of Rishelevskaya (Ришельевская)
Bus 570
Marshutka (route taxi) 68,69

From Katovskova Region (Northern Odessa)
Nikolaevskaya Doroga 172 (Николаевская дорога)
At Molodaya Gvardiya (Молодая Гвардия, children's camping)
Marshutka (route taxi) 18

Marshutka (route taxi) costs around 4 Hryvna and the bus costs around 3.30 Hryvna

The buses leave about every half-hour, and the marshutkas when they fill up. The last transport from Odessa is 8:40, and the last bus returning back to Odessa leaves around at 8.

Video Arcade/ Video Games
Peelot (Пилот)
Ekaterininskaya 15/17 (Екатерининская)

Deribasovskaya 25 (Дерибасовская)
Tent next to Dom Kenege bookstore

Yacht Rental / Charter Club

TCF Sea Club (Морской Клуб, ТЦФ)
Primorskaya 6 (Приморская) Marine passenger terminal ( Morskoy Vokzal / Морской вокзал)
Tel/fax: 729-43-35

Black Sea Yacht Club (Chernomorsky Yacht Klub / Черноморский Яхт Клуб)
Otrada Beach (Пляж Отрада)
Tel: 728-74-74