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What to Drink

Odessa Champagne
From the Odessa Champagne factory, usually only around 10 Hryvna.

A carbonated drink in a variety of flavors. Less sweet than Coke and Pepsi products, which actually enhances the flavor.

Drinking traditions in Ukraine:

  • When going to a dinner, always have a toast prepared
  • Drinks are usually served by the same person. In homes this will usually be the host.
  • A person should never change the "pouring hand"
  • Empty bottles go on the ground, it is bad luck to have them on the table.
  • Ukrainians can be persistent. Do not drink more if you feel you have had enough.
  • In Odessa, often the third toast is to sailors.

Unpasterized milk cart from claus-seyfried.de

Older photo of a milk cart