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What to eat in Odessa


In Odessa's thousands of "mom and pop stores" grocery inventory control is still rather crude. Between shipments Odessa grocery stores often run out of stocked items. Sometimes these items are then never stocked again. There are very no "standard items" sold in all stores. With this in mind, these recommend these items but warn that some of them may be difficult to find.

President Desert Yogurt
With an 8% fat content, these delicious yogurts are more similar to puddings than yogurt. A less fatting President's 3.2% fat yogurt is available, simply called "yogurt".


Vegetarian Options

Vegetarian options are sparse to non-existent in Ukraine.

This guide lists one restaraunt and one grocery store that has vegetarian items:

Vegetarianckoe Kafe (vegetarian cafe) (under Restaurants)

Soya 21 ("Country Life") (under Businesses)

Ukraine does not have lettuce and Ukrainians instead eat cabbage.

Definatly not a vegetarian Salad


Borshe, the national dish

Dishes from Ukranska Lasunka see Restaurants