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Odessa Map

Under constuction

Click here for a listing of Odessa street and park names

Arcadia Map

Odessa Map
The map below shows the areas of Odessa covered by the more detailed map.
The maps include:

Some of Odessa's small streets and alleyways may not be on the maps.

Many streets have two names, the old Soviet one and the new Ukrainian (pre-revolution) one. Odessites sometimes only know the old name. Refer to the list of old and new street names. In this guide we use the newer official names.

Keep in mind that Odessa city blocks are long and many offices and business use one building number.

Compass directions and Orientation
As mentioned in the introduction, throughout this book we use the directions North, South, East, West. It is important to note:

  • For simplicity, north in this book is defined as the port, or the huge Kempinski hotel. Actually North is to the left / west of the hotel. In the center the train station is to the south.
  • Another simple way to remember compass directions is in the center/old part of the city, that the to the north and west is water. North is the port and Kempinski hotel, West are the beaches and Shevchenko Park (Парк Шевченко).
  • Also street numbers are always:
  • EVEN on the north and west sides of the street, and
  • ODD on the south and east sides of the street.
  • Ukrainians do not use the compass for directions in daily life. Most Ukrainians could not tell a person where North or South is in relation to landmarks in their city.